New Publication | Multilingual Films in Translation

Multilingual Films in Translation. A Sociolinguistic and Intercultural Study of Diasporic Films by Micòl Beseghi (2017)
Series: New Trends in Translation Studies

A contribution to the ever-growing field of audiovisual translation studies, this volume investigates the processes involved in the translation of multilingual films, a media genre where language, culture and identity are closely interwoven. To explore the relationships that get established between audiovisual translation, linguistic diversity and identity, the book analyses a corpus of immigrant films portraying the South Asian diaspora, with the aim of determining how diasporic identity is then reconstructed for the Italian audience through dubbing and subtitling. A sociolinguistic analysis model is proposed that covers all linguistic levels, including the use of ethnolects and some fundamental discourse strategies, such as code-switching and code-mixing, thus illustrating how linguistic choices and language variation are socio-culturally symbolic

  • Translating multilingual films: Challenges and issues
  • Analysing multilingual films: A multidisciplinary approach
  • South Asian diasporic films: A multicultural and multilingual genre
  • Multilingualism in South Asian diasporic films
  • Translating South Asian diasporic films

Micòl Beseghi holds a PhD in Comparative Languages and Cultures from the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia and teaches English language and translation at the University of Parma. Her main research interests concern the fields of audiovisual translation, the didactics of translation, corpus linguistics and learner autonomy in foreign-language education. She has published articles on audiovisual translation, focusing on the study of linguistic variation in films, the transposition of orality in subtitling, the use of subtitles as a pedagogic tool in translation classes and the phenomenon of fansubbing.