Call for Papers | JAT: Journal of Audiovisual Translation

As the only dedicated journal on the field of audiovisual translation, The Journal of Audiovisual Translation (JAT) encourages the submission of original research papers in the field of audiovisual translation (AVT) and media accessibility in areas including subtitling (or captioning), […]

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Linguistic and Cultural Representation in Audiovisual Translation

Edited by Irene Ranzato and Serenella Zanotti 2018 Routledge This collection of essays offers a multi-faceted exploration of audiovisual translation, both as a means of intercultural exchange and as a lens through which linguistic and cultural representations are negotiated and […]

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Non-Professional Subtitling (2017)

David Orrego-Carmona and Yvonne Lee (eds) Non-Professional Subtitling, Cambridge Scholars Publishing. Extract downloadable here ISBN-13:978-1-4438-9585-9 ISBN-10:1-4438-9585-7 Date of Publication:01/09/2017 From fansubbing, fan-generated translation, to user-generated translation, from amateur translation to social translation, non-professional subtitling has come a long way since […]

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