Dubbing Viewers in Cyberspaces: A Netnographic Investigation of the Attitudes of a Persian-language Online Community (2020)

KOME − An International Journal of Pure Communication Inquiry DOI: 10.17646/KOME.75672.45 URL: http://komejournal.com/files/KOME_Khoshsaligheh-Ameri.pdf Abstract | It appears that online communities have provided a free and user-friendly platform for users to do many real-time pieces of stuff from doing translations to […]

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Translation and Multimodality: Beyond Words (2020)

Edited by Monica Boria, Ángeles Carreres, María Noriega-Sánchez, Marcus Tomalin London & New York, Routledge https://www.routledge.com/Translation-and-Multimodality-Beyond-Words-1st-Edition/Boria-Carreres-Noriega-Sanchez-Tomalin/p/book/9781138324435   Description. Translation and Multimodality: Beyond Words is one of the first books to explore how translation needs to be redefined and reconfigured in […]

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