Translating YouTube Vlogs for a Global Audience (2021)

Translating YouTube Vlogs for a Global Audience: Innovative Subtitling and Community-Building By Seryun Lee @Seryun_Lee International Journal of Cultural Studies, First Published January 24, 2021 Abstract | Increasingly, YouTubers are translating their self-produced videos in order to reach out to […]

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Call for Papers | Chinese Popular Culture in Translation and Transmission

22 – 23 July 2021, University of Leicester (UK) Invited Speakers Hongwei Bao (University of Nottingham) Paul Bowman (Cardiff University) Natascha Bruce (Translator) Nicky Harman (Translator) Jack Hargreaves (Translator) Jiang Jiehong (Birmingham City University) Emily Jones (Translator)Kangqin Li (Literary Agent) […]

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CfP | Methodological Issues in Experimental Research in Audiovisual Translation: Experiences and Recommendations

Special Issue of Translation Spaces 11(1), July 2022 Guest editors: Gian Maria Greco, Anna Jankowska, Agnieszka Szarkowska Overview Over the last decade or so, the area of audiovisual translation (AVT) has been experiencing a substantial experimental turn. Under the spur […]

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