Doctoral Supervision


I welcome enquiries and proposals from strong and enthusiastic potential PhD students and early career scholars whose topics align with my research interests. These include, but are not limited to, audiovisual translation, multimodality and translation, media translation, translation in the digital culture, sociology of translation, and corpus-based translation studies.



Lead Supervisor (Completed)


  • Lingjuan FAN (2015) News Translation and (Re)narration by Non-professional Virtual Communities: The Case of Yeeyan
  • Dang LI (2015) Amateur Translation and the Development of a Participatory Culture in China. A Netnographic Study of The Last Fantasy Fansubbing Goup
  • Li-Wen CHANG (2014) Investigating Note-taking in Consecutive Interpreting – Using the Concept of Visual Grammar
  • Tania P. HERNÁNDEZ-HERNÁNDEZ (2014) Whither went Le Monde diplomatique? A Bourdieusian Approach to the Role of Tanslation in the Mexican Editions of Le Monde Diplomatique of the 1980s
  • Pasakara CHUEASUAI (2010) Translation Shifts in the ‘Love and Lust’ Section in the Thai Version of Cosmopolitan: A Systemic Functional Perspective
  • Louisa DESILLA (2009) Towards a Methodology for the Study of Implicatures in Subtitled Films: Multimodal Construal and Reception of Pragmatic Meaning across Cultures

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Lead Supervisor (Ongoing)


  • Tamara de INÉS ANTÓN |Translating Central American Life Writing for the Anglophone Market: A Socio-Narrative Study of Women’s Agency and Political Radicalism in the Original and Translated Works of Claribel Alegría, Gioconda Belli and Rigoberta Menchú
  • Paulina BURCZYNSKA |Investigating the Multimodal Construal and Reception of Irony in Film Translation – An Experimental Approach
  • Eman ALKROUD |Renarrating the Berbers in Three Tamazight Translations of the Holy Quran: Paratextual and Framing Strategies
  • Seryun LEE |Translating Self-mediated Content as a Community-building Activity in Cyberspace: An Affect Theory Perspective
  • Jan BUTS |Prefiguring the Body Politic in Continental Philosophy and Online Alternative Media: A Corpus-Based Approach
  • Shuaa TASHKANDI |Arabic Dubbed Japanese Animation TV Series in Conservative and Non-Conservative Children’s TV Channels in the Arab World: A Narrative Analysis

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Co-Supervisor (Completed)


  • Dinithi KARUNANAYAKE (2015) Theatre Translation, Communities of Practice and the Sri Lankan Conflicts: (Re)narration as Political Critique
  • Andriani THEOCHAROUS (2014) Investigating the Cultural Influences on Advertising Style in the UK and Greece
  • Mario BISIADA (2014) From Hypotaxis to Parataxis: An Investigation of English-German Syntactic Convergence in Translation
  • Kyung Hye KIM (2013) American and South Korean News Discourses about North Korea and Their Mediation via Translation: A Corpus-based Critical Discourse Analysis
  • Elena DAVITTI (2012) Dialogue Interpreting as Intercultural MediationIntegrating Talk and Gaze in the Analysis of Mediated Parent-Teacher Meetings
  • Lukasz KACZMAREK (2010) Modelling Competence in Community Interpreting: Expectancies, Impressions and Implications for Accreditation
  • Matthew MALTBY (2009) Interpreting and Translation Policy in UK Asylum Applications
  • Vicki FLIPPANCE (2009) In Search of a Model for Assessing the Quality of Advertisements in Translation
  • Amer Al-ADWAN (2009) Euphemisms as a Politeness Strategy in Screen Translation in the Arab World

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Co-Supervisor (Ongoing)

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