Fandom in Translation Conference

13 January, 2018. Hoa Sen University Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) Hoa Sen University, Vietnam and British Academy, UK will host an international conference in order to update the latest knowledge concerning translation studies for academics, researchers, and either […]

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Non-Professional Subtitling (2017)

David Orrego-Carmona and Yvonne Lee (eds) Non-Professional Subtitling, Cambridge Scholars Publishing. Extract downloadable here ISBN-13:978-1-4438-9585-9 ISBN-10:1-4438-9585-7 Date of Publication:01/09/2017 From fansubbing, fan-generated translation, to user-generated translation, from amateur translation to social translation, non-professional subtitling has come a long way since […]

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Fansubbing in China: Technology-facilitated activism in translation (2017)

Fansubbing in China Technology-facilitated activism in translation Dingkun Wang and Xiaochun Zhang (Shanghai Jiao Tong University / University of Bristol) Source: Target, Volume 29, Number 2, 2017, pp. 301-318(18) Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing Company DOI:   Abstract. This paper seeks […]

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