Audiovisual Translation. Theories, Methods and Issues (2014) by Luis Pérez-González

This book addresses the need for more robust theoretical frameworks to investigate emerging text-types, address new methodological challenges (including the compilation, analysis and reproduction of audiovisual data), and understand new discourse communities bound together by the production and consumption of audiovisual texts.

In this clear, user- friendly book, Luis Pérez-González introduces and explores the field, presenting and critiquing key concepts, research models and methodological approaches.

Features include:

introductory overviews at the beginning of each chapter, outlining aims and relevant connections with other chapters

breakout boxes showcasing key concepts, research case studies or other relevant links to the wider field of translation studies

examples of audiovisual texts in a range of languages with back translation support when required

summaries reinforcing key issues dealt with in each chapter

follow-up questions for further study

core references and suggestions for further reading.

additional online resources on an extensive companion website

This is an essential text for all students studying audiovisual or screen translation at postgraduate or advanced undergraduate level and key reading for all researchers working in the area.

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